Christmas at the AA home

LL was nice enough to give all the people that own main land sims extra prims recently.

This means that i get to go crazy decking Ahn and mine’s home out for the holidays.  I am a bit of a gatcha yard sale junkie…..and had so many things i wanted to use, but was always limited by space. Not this year tho!!!

Here are just a couple shots of the lovely place we are currently living in.




Angelic Visions Vintage Library Set

Are you a fan of books? I know Ahn and I both love to read and our home is full of books. They can be found on shelves, leaning on the coffee table and in stacked heaps in the corners. A home library really adds cozy elegance to a home. They are also fun to kick over when you are making out, but i digress.



So when Rhiannon Skinstad of Angelic Visions sent me set this set to blog, i was delighted.  This is some very realistic looking furniture and i quickly set it up in our home for photos.  The poses are many and varied and most of them give you some sort of prop to go with it. A drink, a newspaper, a book.

Lunch break_001

This set is a photographers  dream. It looks stunning in the higher light setting and the materials catch and reflect light and shadows beautifully. I was really impressed with the level of care and detail in the set. I took several photos right away and enjoyed sampling the poses.

Of course it did take me a couple weeks after that to get around to blogging it for her (sorry Rhi) but in all that time it has remained set up at our home and sees constant use. Its a keeper for sure.

You can get your set here at Angelic Visions Antiques…and  see more of her stunning there work as well.

Happy Shopping.

Love, Alex.


Passion in SL. Challange #4

Vanessa Blaylock Set forth a new challenge… about ecstasy. However you choose to depict it, try to depict your avatar ecstasy. It might be a simple moment lying on the grass. It might be dancing in a trance state at a club.

What do consider my passion in SL?  Why do i come to this world and make a pixal life for myself when i have a real one to keep busy in? What keeps me coming back?

Well Ahn is my primary passion of course. He is the biggest and brightest part of this virtual world to me and i pretty well drop all else in favor of spending quality time with him. Even as I write this we are snuggled up together in our virtual living room, lit by many candles, happily listening to mellow music and chatting. I could not resist a quick snapshot of what is a typical evening for us.

That leads me neatly into what is my other grand SL passion. SL is a world where the artists get to be the super stars instead of the guys that are good at sports and believe me I love that!   Photography in Second life has become my biggest enjoyment and past time. I can play at assembling, shooting and Photoshopping a photo for hours, even days and never tire of it.   It is even more engrossing to me when the subject of the photo is of Ahn and I of course.

Often times you can not shoot on location because poses are not able to be rezzed, so I assemble the photo from varied shots. Its like putting together a visual puzzle and i find it very mentally stimulating. Starting with this in my studio….

1(yes…that did get a bit distracting. Sometimes it takes a Long Time to get around to taking the photos)

Then comes the field trip where i jet all over SL seeking just the right setting. I have a file of LMs for all sorts of settings I plan to use someday.  When i find the perfect spot, i take a shot using a windlight setting that has the look i want for the finished photo. This was taken at “Done with a Twist”  in SL.Snapshot_006

and with a great deal of time, drawing and filtering I end up with something like this.reflection

I think that photo shows my avatar in perfect ecstasy. He is entwined with the love of his virtual life in a beautiful setting of our own imagination. SL gets no better then that.

Dead Flower in the Sand- Challenge #3

Challenge #3  Izima Kaoru, Landscape with a corpse.
One of Vanessa Blaylocks’ Blogger Challenges.

If ever there was a perfect day, this day could be labeled as such.

The designs were ready. The models hand selected for their unique perfect imperfections, both male and female, all gods and goddesses of their trade. Where some designers liked to have models look like mindless robots, he chose them for their differences to show that any of his fashions can look good against any skin type of any gender. Early projections showed promise that this would be his best showing yet, a cause for celebration if ever there was one.

Tonight was also the night he would propose. The after party patio was set to his precise specifications. Small white lights lined the edges of the reception hall as well as the balcony railing that overlooked the Mediterranean to give it that soft glow to compliment the full moon that would shine above. Lanterns would burn as centerpieces on the tables, the glass coverings sheltering the steady flames from the breeze that comes off the coastal waters. Though he knew the answer to the question already, his lover had only hinted about marriage for the last six months!

As anticipated, the fashion show was a resounding success! Standing ovations, cameras going off like glitter against a thousand suns. He left the show a little early to give him and his lover some private time before the reception would start. It would be as much an engagement party as it would the show’s after party.

Lingering on the balcony, he watches as the moon crests high in the sky, an arm on either side of his lover, back to front as they soak in the moment of engagement bliss. Tears were shed, embraces held fiercly, and kisses showered liberally. The others would be arriving shortly but, for now, the night and the forever was theirs to claim. “I love you, my flower,” he whispers through that brilliant smile of his.

It wasn’t long after most of the guests had arrived that the announcement was made of their engagement. Champagne toasts and well wishes mingle with hugs and stories of life before their coupledom. Because it was also the show’s after party, there were investors and various industry people to glad handle, but not even that could dampen his mood. His lover slips away to join friends and family in personal celebration of the engagement and of his night’s success.

Occasional glimpses back and forth are shared through the evening between the lovers, one never losing sight of the other for long. Lost in the last vestiges of a headache inducing conversation, he misses seeing the shadow that falls over his lover’s eyes when an unwanted presence appears. Not wanting to taint the blissful occasion, his lover slips away from the party, disappearing with a man that wore a menacing scowl as easily as he wore the wedding ring he had offered to the lover over a year before.

As night turns to day, the sunlight’s fingers stretching over the waters to set an orange glow along the shoreline, the shadow that once blanketed such a handsome face fades away. He had been calling for his lover for hours before a scream broke through the tensioned silence to finally reveal his lover’s final destination. His lover, his flower upon the beach in a lifeless heap with the waves threatening to sweep him away into the depths of the watery grave. The best day of his life was followed by the worst day of his life with only a crumpled rose and a wedding ring in his lover’s pocket to show for it.

dead flower

Someday I’ll be a weather-beaten skull resting on the pale sand,
Serenaded by a stray bird or two.
Kings and commoners end up the same,
No more enduring than last night’s dream.

I would have done the four different view and angles, but SL crashed when i took this shot…..and i was to dang lazy to reset the whole thing over again.

Location, Baja Norte, Saltwater Beach
Pose, Dead by Natural Motions
Hair, Traveler by Exile
Skin, Vasean by Nivaro
Shape, Custom Made by Alex (me)
Eyes, True dark grey by Mayfly Eyes
Jacket & Dresspants, by Hawker’s House


The Body Swap Challange

 Vanessa Blaylock put out her second Friday challenge. This one was less photograpic and more mental. Thought i would try it anyway.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to perform your own Role Exchange in cyberspace. 

She had several types of role exchanges. We went with “Inter-Personal”. Vanessa describes it thus: “This version won’t be for most people, but if you have someone that you know well, and trust, you could give each other your user names & passwords, and pilot each others avatars for a night. This brings up various security, trust, and ethical issues, but it’s also a pretty interesting, and unique experience.”


The trust part was not going to be an issue. Ahn and I already knew each others passwords and I had logged in as Ahn a few times to take care of things for the ‘stuff groups. ( A men’s, women’s fashion and home decor collective that he owns and we manage together). I thought it would not be too different being in his form, we have comparable personalities and we do a lot of the same things. I had never tried to ‘be’ him before though.

I did have -some- preconceived notions what spending time in Ahn’s form would be like however. I have always assumed people are talking to him a lot. I am an introvert and don’t often reach out to people, because of that my SL is pretty quiet most days. I rarely get IMs other then the ‘help me’ ones from group members having an issue or the chatty IMs from my SL son and daughter. (Hi Az and Beary. Love you kids) Most of our joint friends and nearly all acquaintances will talk to him, even if they are wanting to ask me something, they just ask him to ask me. I just figured Ahn, popular, good looking, not so introverted Ahn would have tons of chat going on.


So we agreed to swap for an evening. I logged in as Ahn and barely had I even rezzed in when “ding ding” a new IM came in. “Ah Ha!” I thought, just as i figured. Popular! As I listened to Ahn’s friend Beau talk about his recent make over and shopping escapades and tried to figure out how i would respond to this if I was Ahn and truly interested instead of being me and not really caring… “ding ding” in came another IM.

“Hi Handsome. Is Alex going to be on tonight?” It was Wild, leader of our dance troop “Dance Xcetera” and she wanted to set up a meeting with Ahn and Alex. I managed to chat at her and Beau long enough to not make them wonder if I “Ahn” was ill then… my great surprise, silence.

Ahn’s SL became as quiet as mine normally is.

I poked (snooped) around in his inventory, played dress up with his avatar for a bit, wondered a great deal at some of the unexpected things he owns and had an uneventful hour or so.  When Ahn logged into my Avatar, we had our meeting. Nobody seemed to notice anything odd, tho Ahn did admit he had to try hard to keep from IMing me with what he would be saying if he was himself. Mostly it was very uneventful  if a bit stressful trying to be chatty and outgoing.

Then we came home, snuggled and talked. A pretty normal evening for us even if we were in the wrong bodies. No more IMs came in for either of us. Only thing odd was that as we snuggled, i considered my avatar’s familiar face and it looked just the same yet something seemed different. It had my Ahn inside it and somehow it felt like i could see that. Or perhaps I am just a bit crazy.


Yearbook Photos

Strawberry Singh is starting her Monday Memes again. Yay. Yet another thing I am going to try and keep up with. Dang it. I am going to be busy and creative this year.

Of course anything that gives me excuses to take photos of Ahn and myself is a sure winner on the “must do” list so when I saw it was “Smile for the Yearbook photo” i got out the camera and got right to it.  Both of the smiles that Ahn and I have are heavily photo shopped versions of the free Anypose Expression Hud  toothy smile.


Alex Avion, Voted most likely to….”OOoooo a Sparkly”

Hair, Traveler by Exile
Skin, Vasean by Nivaro
Shape, Custom Made by Alex (me)
Eyes, True dark grey by Mayfly Eyes
Earrings, Luxx Krista created by avatar Hezkezi Slade (no store)
Necklace. Keyring necklace by Tableau Vivant
Jacket,  by David Heather/Cashmere & Keane


Ahn Avion (aka Skintrader Greyskin)     Voted most likely to use charm to escape serious trouble.

Skin: *Birth* Nico Skin (straw) stubble_bodynormal_bald
Shape: Custom shape made by Jai Raleigh of NOVUS
Hair: /Wasabi Pill/ Orion Mesh Hair – Black Coffee
Eyes: PC (Poetic Colors) Opal Eyes – Aquarius – medium bright
Shirt/Jacket: …Scars… 1B Tailored Jacket [Leather]
Necklace: EarthStones Perfect Fit Necklace

Friday Challenge #1: Avatar in a Box

Welcome to 2015.

I always start a new years out full of enthusiasm and plans to do new great things. Being a professional artist, many of those new great things center around art work. Creating new art of some kind daily is a goal i revisit every year.

Granted, by the time the new year is 4 months old, i am struggling just to get the dishes  done and the dogs fed every day, but the intent to create is still there. I ran across Vanessa Blaylocks blog pretty well by accident a few days ago, just in time to see her very first “Friday Challenge” of the new year.  Take a photo once a week…in a theme based on some famous artist. Heck yeah. I can do that. Once a week….52 weeks… easy right? Yeah… i can do this.

The first Challange is: Avatar in a Box. Inspired by photographer Hugh Kretschmer’s “Special Delivery,” your challenge this week is to arrange your avatar in a box.

Not quite like Hugh’s but…I am in a box. I present “Angry Toy”

Angry Toy

If Only I Were A Little Less Human
Sometimes I get so tired of feeling like a series of chemical reactions
Like once these electric pulses flow from my brain stem
through my wires of vessels and veins to the tips of my fingers
I am a puppet to the robotics of biology
Strung by my nerves and pulled by my emotions,
I cannot control these tears
Stupidity is merely short circuiting,
and maybe I just need to recharge
I think this taste in my mouth is acid;
my teeth are batteries leaking this energy
Onto my tongue and my lips
These are the loudest parts of this machine,
But each word, each kiss is not nearly as loud
As the programming in my mind
Maybe that’s why I’m just a bunch of bloody gears and twisted cables
Because all this code of love and lust and worry
Is a combination waiting to combust
And I feel unable to contain it
by Emmy Dawn