On The Wire

Items in the photo.

Pose – My own created with Animare.
Everyone that takes SL photos will find Animare handy. You can pose yourself and other avatars as well.

Hair – Its a sort of sneaky trick. I have two on in this photo.
Modulus – Daeshim Hair – It comes with a color change head band. – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fruk/128/107/2000

Exile::Outsider – Resize hub made it easy to fit over the head band for a nice ruffian look. – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/48/204/21

Shirt -Bartimeu – Black [?] TShirt – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ashur/190/171/2244
This is a fun casual shirt. It’s bleach on black and the hud that comes with it has 18! different bleach on black designs, ranging from splatters to words and patterns. You can have a different look everyday for more then two weeks and never have to actually change. MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/214004

Pants – ViBe Jeans Ripped Splash-
When i saw these jeans at the February TMD i knew they would work great with the shirt from Bartimeu. They come in a range of colors and markings, in a fat pack or sold separate.

You can get them this month at TMD maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TMD/122/137/23

Puppy Enthusiasm

Alex bundled up in his warmest winter coat, hoodie and boots before heading out into the snowy pine forest with Bullet his German Shepherd puppy. The puppy, still small and full of energy, bounded through the snow, leaving winding trails of paw prints behind him.
Alex smiled as he watched the puppy explore, taking in all the new sights and smells of the winter forest. The puppy’s enthusiasm was infectious and Alex shared the pups delight as he walked along the trail through the snow-covered pines, their fresh scent and snowflakes painting the air around them.
As they walked, Alex made sure to keep a close eye on Bullet, making sure he didn’t get too cold or wander too far away. The puppy seemed to be having the time of his life, barking and jumping through the snowdrifts.

After a while, Alex decided it was time to head back home, Ahn was waiting for them back where it was warm. The puppy was tired and it was getting colder. As they walked back, Alex was glad to have such a loyal canine companion by his side, and he knew that they would have many more adventures together in the future. Now if he could just get Ahn, his desert born husband this excited about snow days.

As Ahn waited for Alex and the pup, he set about making hot cocoa to help Alex thaw out when he got home. He knew how much his husband would appreciate the warm drink after being out in the cold and to be honest, he was looking forward to having a mug of it too. Finally, he heard the sound of the door opening and he turned to see his Alex and Bullet the pup, both ginning and covered in snow. He greeted them at the door and once the wet boots and snowy coat had been removed, Ahn handed Alex the hot cocoa, which he gratefully accepted.

They sat together by the fireplace, the pup curled up at their feet and Ahn let out a sigh of appreciation at the warmth of the fire as he watched the snow falling outside the window. The dog let out a contented sigh too and shifted in his sleep. Alex rested his head on Ahn’s shoulder, mellow and relaxed. Ahn had to smile. Despite his complaints, he knew that deep down, he secretly enjoyed the snowy winter as it created warm cozy indoor moments like this.

Photo Contents

Taken at Arctic Sanctuary

If you need a REALLY cold looking sim for photos, this is the place. It has icebergs, penguins and a gorgeous village and path,

Dog “Bullet” – Rezz Room – German Shepard Puppy Companion.

Pose- Agape – agp-M225

Coat and Hoodie – KiB Designs – Simon Coat w. Hoodie
Rigged for Belleza Jake, Legacy Male, Signature Gianni, Slink Male and Fitmesh
Coat and hoodie Texture HUD feature several colors, textures and patterns for an endless mix of combos.

Pants – BRAVURA Boite Noir – This store is no longer available.

Boots – Represent -Tactical Field boots

Hair – Vango – Sam

Head – Catwa – Shaheen

Earrings – Swallow – Rox Ears

Ready for the Night

Alex stepped out of the sleek black car and onto the wet but bustling city streets. He glanced back to check his parking, it was a rental and he did not want anything to happen to it. Alex was not a fan of big cites but the city was where things happened, so here he was. Tonight he was here to audition. His time with the last dance troop had been enough to give him the desire to be on stage, to seek the spotlight but he knew he had gone as far as he could with that group. He needed more opportunity and this city had them. The neon lights illuminated his figure as he adjusted his satin jacket and made his way towards his destination.

The hum of the city was a constant background noise as he walked, the sound of cars honking and people talking filling the air. He seemed unfazed by the commotion around him, his gaze fixed ahead as he walked with purpose towards his future. The city was alive at night, and the Alex was just another small part of its never-ending story. Someday…with luck he maybe he would get to be a big part.

Ahn sat on the edge of the bench outside of the theater, his eyes trained on the pavement in front of him. He had been waiting for Alex for what felt like hours, and he couldn’t shake the feeling of nervousness that had settled in his stomach. He had been counting down the days until Alex’s audition, and now that the moment was finally here, he couldn’t believe how anxious he felt. Alex had no idea he was going to be here to watch, it was supposed to be a surprise. Maybe he changed his mind and wasn’t coming.

Ahn glanced at his watch for the hundredth time and let out a sigh. He knew Alex could just be running late due to the inclement weather, but it didn’t stop him from feeling a sense of disappointment. He had planned a whole weekend of activities and surprises for Alex after his audition and now he worried the plans would be ruined. Just as he was about to give up hope, he heard the sound of familiar footsteps approaching. He stood up, his heart racing as he waited for Alex to see him.

Alex had not been expecting to see Ahn here, his husband and partner had work and could not get free. He was so focused on getting into the theater that Alex very nearly stepped around the handsome man that appeared in his path. Then he was caught up in those stunning and so familiar blue eyes. A smile lit his face. “You! You came!”

Ahn felt his nerves dissipate as he was pulled into a tight embrace. He closed his eyes, breathing in the familiar scent of Alex’s cologne. “I would not miss this for anything,” he murmured into Alex’s shoulder. He smiled, feeling a sense of contentment wash over him.

Photo Contents

Location – Diesel City Noir

This is an excellent sim for photos. It is loosely based on Gotham City, but in a Diesel Punk style. Well worth a visit.

Pose – Self made with Animare

Hair – Dura – #B76

Head – Catwa – Shaheen

Skin – L’Etre – Toni

Earrings – Swallow – Rox Ears

Jacket – Jeys – Domentor2-E Suit Jacket – Light

Crop top – Kartel – Konrad Crop Leather top

Pants & Boots (linked) AsteroidBox – Azrael Pant, Black

Belly Charm – !!Chaos, Panic, & Disorder! – Triple Skull Belly Ring (closed)

So, don’t just sit there reading blogs…

Go shop.

So says Alex of the AA team.

The Last Day

As much as neither of us wanted it to happen, we soon faced the last day of our tropical getaway.

We spent the day moving as slowly as possible as if, somehow, time would linger just as we had. I didn’t need to trace his handsome face with a mixture of fingertips and feathered kisses to remember how relaxed and content and happy he looks for I often see these things within the light of his grey-green eyes when I fall into their hypnotic gaze.

Making love on the beach, strolling along the docks playing tourists to buy trinkets and things we don’t need, and alternating between feeding each other and stealing each other’s food during a late lunch/early dinner. I even managed to humor Alex and allowed him to feed me a California roll. Only one though and that was more than enough.

The final event of the evening before we had to catch our flight was a sunset walk on the beach. Warm sand seeping through our toes, the sounds of the waves lapping along the shoreline, the remnants of various forms of sand castles left abandoned to be swallowed up by the rising tide of those lapping waves, his hand in mine as we shared a companionable silence. Sometimes words were unnecessary, especially when two bodies share a heart and soul as ours do.

Though it was our last day in this tropical paradise, there was another paradise waiting for us at home. In his arms. Always.

He and Me

Tomorrow we have to head back for home but today i am just going to be holding on for dear life. Ahn rented us a jet ski and damn but this man likes to go fast. Me, not so much. One of many opposites we have.

Spending time with Ahn is always good and fun. He is my partner. My lover. My very best friend. I find his mind fascinating. It works differently then mine. We are opposite in so many ways. He is a writer, speller and so grammatically correct. Meanwhile i am fast and loose with grammar and my spelling is so bad that sometimes even the auto spell checker throws up its virtual hands in defeat.

I love animals. I grew up with horses, dogs an an assortment of other nonhuman beings. I cannot imagine a life without them. Ahn had a pet hamster once briefly as a kid. He doesn’t dislike pets but he doesn’t need them like i do and he surely could live without the hair my shepherd puppy Bullet leaves EVERYWHERE.

Ahn projects this air of outgoing confidence, and yet he is uncomfortable with attention, complements and gifts. Then there is me, i have this loner vibe yet i thrive on kudos and notice and he knows this. He showers me with attention and complements, yet feels weird when i give the same back.

Opinions. I have one on everything! My whole life is based on a 1-10 rating scale. It boggles my mind that Ahn rarely has one he wants to share. Just another of many opposites we have. I think he is a 10 by the way. Yeah..thats a complement baby. Deal with it.

He is black leather and straps to my lime green, pinks and prints. He is a city boy, i am shit-kickin country. He is a Nevada desert rat, i am a Michigan snow bunny. He is words and stories to my images. He is pizza and burgers to my health food and Sushi. He is lazy stay in bed Sundays, I am run around and play in the sun Saturdays. You would think two such different people would not work well together, but we do. We complete each other somehow, the two very different sides form a well balanced center.

Balance is a good thing to have today as we go zooming over the blue waters on this speed trap death machine. Ahn Loves to go fast. Me, not so much. I am going with him tho, I always will. Even if its with my eyes closed and trying not to scream like a girl.

Making the most of it

Even on vacation, we had schedules. Wake, contemplate how long we could stay in bed before starvation took over, decide between more love making, a day at the beach, a massage, or any combination thereof. Not all schedules are bad. <grins>

We chose the beach one morning, arriving early enough to watch the sunrise over the azure horizon. We had fruit for our first choice of breakfast — watermelon and strawberries, mostly set in a daquiri glass, but fruit is fruit and that’s fine.

As we lounged in our chairs, we had an opportunity to watch early morning surfers navigate the waves. They made it look so easy. Sitting in the chair looking at my beloved was far easier and a great deal more satisfying though.

There aren’t many days left of our vacation, unfortunately. For now though, we’ll stick to our schedules and make the most of it.

Feed a Taurus

If there is one thing that Surf City has going for it beside beautiful beaches it would be the food. Seafood is cheap and plentiful. And sushi. Oh man…there is a sushi place here that is out of this world. Thing is getting Ahn to eat veggies can sometimes require a magic trick so there is just no way he is having anything to do with cold rice and raw fish.

Mexican food though..now that is more his style and they have a few great places for that here too.

Ahn is a Taurus. As a rule those born under the sign of the bull are stubborn but gentle, protective, loyal, sexy, sensual beings who love their comforts and luxuries. Food quite often is their favourite luxury. Ahn is all Taurus and if you put a plate of fine well flavored food in front of him he lights up.

After a long day of laying in sunshine , playing in the sea, and walking on the white sands, some hearty food sounded mighty good.

Me. I am a Leo and leos are pretty easy. Mostly leos live to be noticed and adored. Be happy with what a leo does, praise them, tell them they are wonderful, stroke the ego a little and the lion will purr like a cream filled kitten.

We had a luscious Mexican dinner on a outside table by the sea. As the waves rushed and whispered behind us..we stole prime bites of spicey shimp and avocados from each others plates. We talked and laughed and got tipsy on fruity drinks. His obvious delight and enjoyment of my pick of restaurant was as much a treat to my Leo soul as the meal was to his Taurus.

This is the life.

Gone fishin’

Time off with Alex. He didn’t have to ask twice. I don’t even remember what all I packed in my suitcase when he said he was taking me away for a few days. I heard “tropical getaway” and felt faster than the Flash in my efforts to get ready and out that door!

Not even the rain could dampen the mood of this much needed time together. We stayed in for the rest of our first evening, content with our gentle loving. The sand was still a little damp when we finally found our way out of our room, but that didn’t keep us from the beach.

We managed to get to the dock just as The Sand Shack began frying up some fresh fish and chips. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my beloved as he waited for our order while I sat at a nearby table to reserve it as others began to follow their noses and stomachs to The Sand Shack. It was going to be a wonderful getaway!

Sometimes it’s fire. Sometimes it rains.

After being apart for four days, Ahn gave me quite an enthusiastic welcome home. I am one lucky guy. Even after eight years together we are still very much into each other. We can still make out like hot strangers. The mood might not strike us as often as it used to (getting older sucks) but when it does, damn! It can be fiery!

After such good loving I was inspired. We both had a few days off to use so, on a whim, I decided to do a little more traveling, this time with my beautiful Ahn beside me instead of a horse. Some warm weather, a bit of salt air, sand under bare feet, and time for just us. That was what we needed. So we repacked my old blue truck and we went to the sea.

Of course, as soon as we got checked in, it started to rain. One of those steady slow rains that last for hours. So much for beach time. Our room was beautiful though, decorated in the required tropical theme. Wicker furniture. Shells. Potted palms. A chilled bottled of sweet wine and two glasses.

The rain pattered and sparked on the windows in a soothing sound. We snuggled, sipped on wine and each other’s kisses. It is not always fire with us. Sometimes it is sweet, slow and tender, the coming together of old lovers who know each other so well. Soothing and warm like spring rain.

Welcome Home

Sometimes timing is just cruel. On the day of Alex’s homecoming, I was called into the home office for meetings. Why we suddenly had to meet in person rather than online was beyond me, but that’s probably for the best. You can’t be logical and be in management at the same time.

Knowing I wouldn’t be home to greet Alex properly, I left a little “welcome home” sign on the front lawn along with a stuffed horse with the same coloring as its larger living counterpart. The true welcome home would have to come later. Ahem.

Sometimes a picture is all that is needed. If we don’t come up for air in the next 2 or 3 days, someone should probably call for a well check. Until then, DO NOT DISTURB!