Friday Challenge #1: Avatar in a Box

Welcome to 2015.

I always start a new years out full of enthusiasm and plans to do new great things. Being a professional artist, many of those new great things center around art work. Creating new art of some kind daily is a goal i revisit every year.

Granted, by the time the new year is 4 months old, i am struggling just to get the dishes  done and the dogs fed every day, but the intent to create is still there. I ran across Vanessa Blaylocks blog pretty well by accident a few days ago, just in time to see her very first “Friday Challenge” of the new year.  Take a photo once a week…in a theme based on some famous artist. Heck yeah. I can do that. Once a week….52 weeks… easy right? Yeah… i can do this.

The first Challange is: Avatar in a Box. Inspired by photographer Hugh Kretschmer’s “Special Delivery,” your challenge this week is to arrange your avatar in a box.

Not quite like Hugh’s but…I am in a box. I present “Angry Toy”

Angry Toy

If Only I Were A Little Less Human
Sometimes I get so tired of feeling like a series of chemical reactions
Like once these electric pulses flow from my brain stem
through my wires of vessels and veins to the tips of my fingers
I am a puppet to the robotics of biology
Strung by my nerves and pulled by my emotions,
I cannot control these tears
Stupidity is merely short circuiting,
and maybe I just need to recharge
I think this taste in my mouth is acid;
my teeth are batteries leaking this energy
Onto my tongue and my lips
These are the loudest parts of this machine,
But each word, each kiss is not nearly as loud
As the programming in my mind
Maybe that’s why I’m just a bunch of bloody gears and twisted cables
Because all this code of love and lust and worry
Is a combination waiting to combust
And I feel unable to contain it
by Emmy Dawn


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