The Body Swap Challange

 Vanessa Blaylock put out her second Friday challenge. This one was less photograpic and more mental. Thought i would try it anyway.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to perform your own Role Exchange in cyberspace. 

She had several types of role exchanges. We went with “Inter-Personal”. Vanessa describes it thus: “This version won’t be for most people, but if you have someone that you know well, and trust, you could give each other your user names & passwords, and pilot each others avatars for a night. This brings up various security, trust, and ethical issues, but it’s also a pretty interesting, and unique experience.”


The trust part was not going to be an issue. Ahn and I already knew each others passwords and I had logged in as Ahn a few times to take care of things for the ‘stuff groups. ( A men’s, women’s fashion and home decor collective that he owns and we manage together). I thought it would not be too different being in his form, we have comparable personalities and we do a lot of the same things. I had never tried to ‘be’ him before though.

I did have -some- preconceived notions what spending time in Ahn’s form would be like however. I have always assumed people are talking to him a lot. I am an introvert and don’t often reach out to people, because of that my SL is pretty quiet most days. I rarely get IMs other then the ‘help me’ ones from group members having an issue or the chatty IMs from my SL son and daughter. (Hi Az and Beary. Love you kids) Most of our joint friends and nearly all acquaintances will talk to him, even if they are wanting to ask me something, they just ask him to ask me. I just figured Ahn, popular, good looking, not so introverted Ahn would have tons of chat going on.


So we agreed to swap for an evening. I logged in as Ahn and barely had I even rezzed in when “ding ding” a new IM came in. “Ah Ha!” I thought, just as i figured. Popular! As I listened to Ahn’s friend Beau talk about his recent make over and shopping escapades and tried to figure out how i would respond to this if I was Ahn and truly interested instead of being me and not really caring… “ding ding” in came another IM.

“Hi Handsome. Is Alex going to be on tonight?” It was Wild, leader of our dance troop “Dance Xcetera” and she wanted to set up a meeting with Ahn and Alex. I managed to chat at her and Beau long enough to not make them wonder if I “Ahn” was ill then… my great surprise, silence.

Ahn’s SL became as quiet as mine normally is.

I poked (snooped) around in his inventory, played dress up with his avatar for a bit, wondered a great deal at some of the unexpected things he owns and had an uneventful hour or so.  When Ahn logged into my Avatar, we had our meeting. Nobody seemed to notice anything odd, tho Ahn did admit he had to try hard to keep from IMing me with what he would be saying if he was himself. Mostly it was very uneventful  if a bit stressful trying to be chatty and outgoing.

Then we came home, snuggled and talked. A pretty normal evening for us even if we were in the wrong bodies. No more IMs came in for either of us. Only thing odd was that as we snuggled, i considered my avatar’s familiar face and it looked just the same yet something seemed different. It had my Ahn inside it and somehow it felt like i could see that. Or perhaps I am just a bit crazy.



2 responses to “The Body Swap Challange

  1. What a great experience Alex! Thanks so much for sharing it. Walking in another person’s shoes is such a powerful thing. Even something as simple as cars and pedestrians: if I’m driving, the pedestrians are in my way, and if I’m walking I’m terrified that the insane drivers are going to run me down.


  2. That was a moving story….you are brave for sharing with us. And isnt it funny how comfortable we are with the avi we created. Well I am. I guess its because even though the clothes and places we go in sl are different, she is an extension of ME. She is more outgoing and confident but her thoughts and friends are mine.
    Did your experience in Ahn body have any lasting effects on you afterwards, Alex?


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