Dead Flower in the Sand- Challenge #3

Challenge #3  Izima Kaoru, Landscape with a corpse.
One of Vanessa Blaylocks’ Blogger Challenges.

If ever there was a perfect day, this day could be labeled as such.

The designs were ready. The models hand selected for their unique perfect imperfections, both male and female, all gods and goddesses of their trade. Where some designers liked to have models look like mindless robots, he chose them for their differences to show that any of his fashions can look good against any skin type of any gender. Early projections showed promise that this would be his best showing yet, a cause for celebration if ever there was one.

Tonight was also the night he would propose. The after party patio was set to his precise specifications. Small white lights lined the edges of the reception hall as well as the balcony railing that overlooked the Mediterranean to give it that soft glow to compliment the full moon that would shine above. Lanterns would burn as centerpieces on the tables, the glass coverings sheltering the steady flames from the breeze that comes off the coastal waters. Though he knew the answer to the question already, his lover had only hinted about marriage for the last six months!

As anticipated, the fashion show was a resounding success! Standing ovations, cameras going off like glitter against a thousand suns. He left the show a little early to give him and his lover some private time before the reception would start. It would be as much an engagement party as it would the show’s after party.

Lingering on the balcony, he watches as the moon crests high in the sky, an arm on either side of his lover, back to front as they soak in the moment of engagement bliss. Tears were shed, embraces held fiercly, and kisses showered liberally. The others would be arriving shortly but, for now, the night and the forever was theirs to claim. “I love you, my flower,” he whispers through that brilliant smile of his.

It wasn’t long after most of the guests had arrived that the announcement was made of their engagement. Champagne toasts and well wishes mingle with hugs and stories of life before their coupledom. Because it was also the show’s after party, there were investors and various industry people to glad handle, but not even that could dampen his mood. His lover slips away to join friends and family in personal celebration of the engagement and of his night’s success.

Occasional glimpses back and forth are shared through the evening between the lovers, one never losing sight of the other for long. Lost in the last vestiges of a headache inducing conversation, he misses seeing the shadow that falls over his lover’s eyes when an unwanted presence appears. Not wanting to taint the blissful occasion, his lover slips away from the party, disappearing with a man that wore a menacing scowl as easily as he wore the wedding ring he had offered to the lover over a year before.

As night turns to day, the sunlight’s fingers stretching over the waters to set an orange glow along the shoreline, the shadow that once blanketed such a handsome face fades away. He had been calling for his lover for hours before a scream broke through the tensioned silence to finally reveal his lover’s final destination. His lover, his flower upon the beach in a lifeless heap with the waves threatening to sweep him away into the depths of the watery grave. The best day of his life was followed by the worst day of his life with only a crumpled rose and a wedding ring in his lover’s pocket to show for it.

dead flower

Someday I’ll be a weather-beaten skull resting on the pale sand,
Serenaded by a stray bird or two.
Kings and commoners end up the same,
No more enduring than last night’s dream.

I would have done the four different view and angles, but SL crashed when i took this shot…..and i was to dang lazy to reset the whole thing over again.

Location, Baja Norte, Saltwater Beach
Pose, Dead by Natural Motions
Hair, Traveler by Exile
Skin, Vasean by Nivaro
Shape, Custom Made by Alex (me)
Eyes, True dark grey by Mayfly Eyes
Jacket & Dresspants, by Hawker’s House



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