Passion in SL. Challange #4

Vanessa Blaylock Set forth a new challenge… about ecstasy. However you choose to depict it, try to depict your avatar ecstasy. It might be a simple moment lying on the grass. It might be dancing in a trance state at a club.

What do consider my passion in SL?  Why do i come to this world and make a pixal life for myself when i have a real one to keep busy in? What keeps me coming back?

Well Ahn is my primary passion of course. He is the biggest and brightest part of this virtual world to me and i pretty well drop all else in favor of spending quality time with him. Even as I write this we are snuggled up together in our virtual living room, lit by many candles, happily listening to mellow music and chatting. I could not resist a quick snapshot of what is a typical evening for us.

That leads me neatly into what is my other grand SL passion. SL is a world where the artists get to be the super stars instead of the guys that are good at sports and believe me I love that!   Photography in Second life has become my biggest enjoyment and past time. I can play at assembling, shooting and Photoshopping a photo for hours, even days and never tire of it.   It is even more engrossing to me when the subject of the photo is of Ahn and I of course.

Often times you can not shoot on location because poses are not able to be rezzed, so I assemble the photo from varied shots. Its like putting together a visual puzzle and i find it very mentally stimulating. Starting with this in my studio….

1(yes…that did get a bit distracting. Sometimes it takes a Long Time to get around to taking the photos)

Then comes the field trip where i jet all over SL seeking just the right setting. I have a file of LMs for all sorts of settings I plan to use someday.  When i find the perfect spot, i take a shot using a windlight setting that has the look i want for the finished photo. This was taken at “Done with a Twist”  in SL.Snapshot_006

and with a great deal of time, drawing and filtering I end up with something like this.reflection

I think that photo shows my avatar in perfect ecstasy. He is entwined with the love of his virtual life in a beautiful setting of our own imagination. SL gets no better then that.


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