Angelic Visions Vintage Library Set

Are you a fan of books? I know Ahn and I both love to read and our home is full of books. They can be found on shelves, leaning on the coffee table and in stacked heaps in the corners. A home library really adds cozy elegance to a home. They are also fun to kick over when you are making out, but i digress.



So when Rhiannon Skinstad of Angelic Visions sent me set this set to blog, i was delighted.  This is some very realistic looking furniture and i quickly set it up in our home for photos.  The poses are many and varied and most of them give you some sort of prop to go with it. A drink, a newspaper, a book.

Lunch break_001

This set is a photographers  dream. It looks stunning in the higher light setting and the materials catch and reflect light and shadows beautifully. I was really impressed with the level of care and detail in the set. I took several photos right away and enjoyed sampling the poses.

Of course it did take me a couple weeks after that to get around to blogging it for her (sorry Rhi) but in all that time it has remained set up at our home and sees constant use. Its a keeper for sure.

You can get your set here at Angelic Visions Antiques…and  see more of her stunning there work as well.

Happy Shopping.

Love, Alex.



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